Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm Back!

Yeah...I've been...not here for a little while. At the behest of Sarah, I'm posting, but moreso because I felt guilty and have been meaning to - but a various amount of things have been keeping me from doing so. Summer began, and I started working at the Ministry of Transportation from the Government of Ontario. It's an alright job. I've been working 40 hours then coming home - pretty tired, not really doing much at the job, but still abnormally tired after the day - attempting to finish my lipsync to enter into Teletoon and practicing drawing things. Lots of work. Not enough time to blog. I've been trying to get some ideas together for films, and various other things.

Anyway, less talk, more sleep, more art. That's the way it goes.
These are some drawings I did after visiting the Sandra Ainsley Gallery at the Distillery on the weekend. They had an exhibit of crazy cool (and odd) glassworks as well as other mixed media works (the most notable being a 4ft. by 6ft. portrait of a boy made entirely out of nails and a single 2 mile long piece of string wrapped around it. The first two are two glass sculpture (fairly small) and the third is one of many african mask type things they had there.
I should've written the name of the artists on the page if any of you are curious.
Comments and crits appreciated.


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nick said...

good draw draw art randeep....happy b-day...i beat you by a day!