Wednesday, August 09, 2006

coffee girl and sketches

These sketches are all done on the tablet PC. Just experimenting with the new technology and playing around with the different features - the first was done at Starbucks and the other two were just playing around. - i was experimenting with a new blind contour type of style. Any crits and comments would be greatly appreciated.




do you actually sit and sketch strangers that don't know you're watching them? because that's creepy....and kinda sexy...i like it.

Singh said...

Yup thats my Randeep very sexy beast...can't touch that he's too hot.
Yo i notice your doing alot faces why don't you add their bodys has well and play around with that...Also do more animation that you did couple post down i wanna see more. Oh yeah also shade them man like just don't do lines alone i know its easier to color them in photshop but u might like shading them too.