Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Subway Sketching

So it's been a while. I've been working hard on the film, along with all the other people, it's coming along nicely. We just had a huge story breakthrough, and are even more happy with our story now than before.
I took a small break from work this weekend and went to see the new Bond film, Casino Royale. Simply awesome. So action packed, great one-liners, awesome Bond girl restoring Bond to his original badass nature. Also, Saturday night, I was given the opportunity by a friend of mine to attend a PS3 launch party which had Metric playing a free concert. This was my first concert ever (hard to believe, I know) and man, what a concert. Just amazing, Emily Haines is as beautiful and talented in person as she seems to be on the CD or in videos, so I've become obsessed with Metric again - if you've never heard them, do yourself a favour and click here. Since it was downtown, I took the subway and really felt like drawing, although I had no paper, I did however, have a coffee cup. I tore off the holder of the cup and drew on that and on the way back, drew on a bunch of transfers. Everything is colored in Photoshop afterwards. Any comments and/or crits are greatly appreciated.



Andrew Shek said...

Randeep, I never seen sketching on transfer before...cool!

Anonymous said...

wonderful sketches...I love how you superimposed the tickets on them too:)

Angelo said...

whooow, the ticket drawing number: 2, 3, 7, are really nice Ran..they start to have volume and been solid.. drawing 3 is just perfect :) I am proud of you ;)

Chris said...

I don't know how I missed these. This is such a cool idea and your sketches are beautiful.

Gerald said...

Very cool sketches on ....everything! Digg'in the new Randeep-bucks coffee sleaves.