Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cafetorium Sketching - Part One

Here are some sketches which I did in the school's cafeteria, some really interesting people walking through an art school, most are observational caricatures, although some made up ones are sprinkled in there for good measure as well. I've been attempting to push my designs and retract from the safety zone which I've been in for so long. Time to break the mold.



Angelo said...

Hey Ran...
The first 2 drawing from the top are really beautiful....they are more loose, and more appiling for my point of view.
You getting there my friend :)

Mike...'s mum said...

Push your designs?
Retract from the safety zone which you've been in for so long??

How do you measure time in your world?!
Your designs and work have done nothing but improve over the last year! That kind of progression doesn't show an attitude of working in a set, safe mold! Keep up the great work and continue on as you've been doing!

Mike...'s mum said...

...of course, if you feel the need to push a few boundaries, by all means, do so... ;)

Jackson said...

I like the fact that you push the designs here. It really captures an essence.

Bobby Chiu said...

I love the top one!