Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cafetorium Sketching - Part Two

Just some more sketches done in one of my sessions cafe drawing in the cafeteria. Nothing like grabbing a quick coffee, putting on some tunes, grabbing some inspiration, and just DRAWING. It feels awesome, hopefully I can keep this up as time goes on. I have some more stuff to post from last week soon - so keep an eye out for that, thanks to everyone for their comments by the way, they are MUCH appreciated and a very great source of encouragement!


Marjolaine said...

Oooh, great this new ones ! I like quick sketches like that, simple shapes and effective...

thebrokengentleman. said...

i definitely dig the top two. the best i can explain it is that, to my untrained eye, it looks less like you are trying to draw a certain way, and just kinda drawing.

i could, however, be entirely full of shit.