Sunday, April 08, 2007

One more week...

The films are due in a week, I'll be posting up a link to it when it's done. In the meantime, I was able to steal away 20 min this week to go sketch in the cafeteria and some are other ones that I hadn't gotten around to scanning. Comments are appreciated as always.
Also, for any artist who's ever felt even remotely insecure about showing their sketchbook to someone (I'm pretty sure that's everyone) please do yourself a favour and check out Mark Kennedy's post on Carrying a Sketchbook Part one can be found HERE, he discusses the importance of carrying a sketchbook and feeling insecure about your art, comparing yourself to others and competing with yourself as an artist. Mark's blog is a must ready, so go check it out!
Hope you like these drawings!



Jarrett said...

Great stuff, Randeep. I don't know if you went for wings last night. If you're like me you probably have no time at the moment. We'll fit it in, man. Peace.

Marjolaine said...

Hi Randeep :D
I'm really looking forward to see this film you've work on !
I'm in holidays for two weeks and I'm going to London but I hope we could talk when I'll come back
c u ;)

sylv1K said...

really good works, i like very much..

chris chua said...

beautiful sketches as always! I really like the one of the girl with her legs pulled up to her chest!