Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Zoo and Cafe Drawings

lion-tailed Macaques

Golden-lion Tamarins (if ever I was to get an exotic pet, this would be it)

Tapir and Orangutan

Grizzly Bears
Drawn in pen, colored with watercolors

More Golden-lion Tamarins

Cafe Sketches

"A mime is a terrible thing to waste"

Last week, Cliff, Emma, Matt and I all went to the zoo - it was a real refreshing day after months of solid work at school. Lots of fun. This past week, I've been enjoying the time off just cafe sketching and drawing up some characters - I've been experimenting with some coloring as well. Most of the drawings here are drawn in pen and colored in photoshop unless otherwise indicated.
Also, I'm going to Montreal this weekend to check out the "Etait une fois...Walt Disney" (Once upon a time...Walt Disney) exhibit at the musee de beaux arts, if anyone is going to be there, leave a comment, I think I'll either be going on the Friday or the Saturday.



ken said...

awesome sketches! cool characters in there

ken :D

Thomps said...

holy hell that tim hortons employee is priceless