Monday, June 18, 2007

More Driver stuff...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, been incredibly busy and had a few personal things to take care of. I'm at work right now and am just posting a doodle I did in photoshop while watching the phones using the lasso tool, just like I used to way back when (read: last year). This is just a quick image to feel like I've actually posted something, I have a bunch of things waiting to be colored, so hopefully I'll be doing that today or tomorrow, time permitting. Thanks for the visits and thank you all SO much for the comments on the last post...I'll be starting to post a few thumbnail boards and stuff as the idea progresses. As always, it's great to hear what you guys think!



Mandy said...

Hey Randeep 8)
I think your character's looking better, he's more simplified which will be a lot easier to animate ;)
Ya liked the cigarette eh? :D

Can't wait to see more development work for this short.

Richard said...

I sure could use a post to my blog...Your stuff is great, I just wanted to tag on to some great talent. I already have you linked.
Keep the great work coming.

andrea spada said...

looking good, agree with Mandy.

Nice job, looks like the faster you go the better it works.

Appreciate some of the previous ones as well, especially the cat held tight by the old woman: it's cool!


Jkim said...

This guy rocks!!

Nice banner too