Sunday, September 02, 2007

More film stuff

Here are some more development drawings for the films - some more spaceman designs, followed by some select toned boards from the rough story reel of the as-yet-untitled spaceman film (trying not to give away the story just yet) and some not yet toned boards from the driver story reel, which is still in the process of completing the first draft, tentatively titled "C'est La Vie". All the boards were done entirely in Alias' Sketchbook Pro.

EDIT: Mark Kennedy over at the Temple of the Seven Golden Camels blog has posted some advice for students who are making their own films this year. It's a MUST read for everyone who is doing so - go check it out.

Also - Spline Doctors has an awesome podcast with director Pete Docter (directed Monsters Inc.), it's pretty awesome, go check it out. Also CartoonBrew posted this awesome youtube video with legendary voice actor Mel Blanc on Letterman - it's interesting to watch as he's still funny long after he's gone, as well as it being really odd when he does the voices - it almost seems as though they're dubbed over because he's such a natural at them as well as the fact that the characters are so ingrained into our minds as the cartoons. Really cool.
Thank you everyone for the comments and critiques, I really appreciate them. School starts on Tuesday in full force, so we'll see what happens - I'm sure there'll be some snags along the way. I'm sad to see summer go, hanging out with great friends, befriending the Starbucks Staff and of course, the great internship at Red Rover Studios where I not only got to meet some awesome people, but helped my skills and changed my focus altogether. Hopefully this will be an awesome year and I'll try to post as much as possible especially with the progress of the film(s).
As always, comments and crits are greatly appreciated!.


Rekha Thorat said...

hey! You have got really inspirational and interesting display of work on your blog. Loved your spaceman's character designs. Surely looking forward for more stuff from your film.

All the best for the film.

Tim Bye said...

Your work is ridiculously good - really great character designs. Inspiring stuff

nick said...

Hey Randeep ,

Didnt catch to much of you this summer unfortunately. Been busy with portfolio stuff. Hope you had a good summer. Your stuff is really looking good and I like the story directions you are taking,just remember to keep it simple. Anyway, good luck with the new school year,Cant wait to see the finished piece at the end of the year.

Samanta Erdini said...

Hi There my friend, You update the blog, woow very Nice!!! XD

I'm so happy, your drawings inspired me!!!

All the best in that Animation!
Love you


Lubomir said...

Hey Randeep, I dig those spaceman design. Which one of the 2 stories will you be doing? Either way, good luck and perseverance!

Bobby Chiu said...

great array of characters in the first pic!

Jkim said...

Nice stuff. I like the quality of your drawings (nice and loose) and I think your posing is looking better.

Jarrett said...

I enjoy your work more and more, Randeep. You have a naturalness to your work that's very appealing. You'll keep improving, of course, but be proud of the style you have, because as I said, it has a classic feel.

kat said...

HI Randeep,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments. Your work is awesome. Please feel free to link to mine and I'm going to be linking to yours too...great work!

Monkeyfeather said...

Some fun designs on your blog.

Tobias Schwarz said...

very nice designs

Anonymous said...

You can DO EEEEEET! How's THAT for motivation?
Great designs.

Gerald said...

Great boards and awesome character designs.

Matthew Kalinauskas said...

Wow, dude man! I love the Space-man!!! Can't wait to see your film man! I love space and aliens and rockets and all that stuff!... Paris is so last year. :-)

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