Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Warning!: Bad Drawings Ahead!

So, I tried something different. While having coffee at a wonderful new coffee shop I discovered (not the different part) on Friday of last week, I attempted to draw with my wrong hand (read: left). The results kind of surprised me and were interesting enough to post on here I suppose (that, and I needed to update). The drawings are unedited, the first four pages are entirely done with my wrong hand (the first page being the first drawings I drew with it and so on) and the last page was just some random doodles I did while attempting to brainstorm.

Ronnie Del Carmen
illustrated the UP tie-in book! Check out his post and some preview page goodness here. Bolt apparently comes out on dvd next week! Check it out! I also saw the most amazingly terrible movie this past weekend...more on that in the next post! Also, Nicole posted a St. Patty's day challenge, and Lissa solved it. Also, for fans of Scott Pilgrim, I'm sure you all know a movie is coming out (or you've heard me not shut up about it and how amazing the casting is) but how cool and hilarious is this?

That's all for now! Comments appreciated!


Boris M. said...

Awesome Randeep! those don't look bad at all.

I was expected " Ronnie Del Carmen illustrated the UP tie-in book WITH HIS LEFT HAND!"

Mark said...

haha yeah ur right its about time for one.... ill post sketches soon.. i dont have a scanner and my camera broke.. so i gotta figure out a way to get them up.. ive mainly been doing portfolio stuff so theres stuff on that blog.. but ill be updating that stuff soon as well.. Nice sketches..... hows the LA

Jarrett said...

Great sketches, Randeep! Lots of personality to these :D

Keelamari said...

Deep! I see you've been keeping your sketchbook busy, some really cool shapes here! I'm still where you left me, busy at school. What sort of action have you been seeing these days?

Abbey said...

I like I like! Left handed stuff is great. I love the one on the very top right of the very top post. Great personality! How's life Deep? I've been meaning to email you, but I'm a bum....

Anonymous said...

ur left hand is just fine!
awesome and supertastic wrk dn!
gl with rst of ur wrk!
ull be a gr8 artist!