Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Whenever I'm in the States, people always ask me what Canada is like. Today being Canada Day, and Canada's 142nd birthday, I figure I should finally give an accurate description, as well as clarify some myths about us neighboUrs to your North.
FACT: Canada is directly above (to the north of) the United States of America. We have 10 PROVINCES instead of STATES, as well as 3 TERRITORIES.

FACT: Our national colours are Red and White, and our flag features the Maple Leaf.
FACT: We have a Prime Minister instead of a President.

FACT: Our National Police are called the RCMP.

FACT: Each Province has their own Police force as well. Ontario's are called the Ontario Provincial Police.

FACT: Canada's national food is Tim Horton's, a "coffee" chain named after a famous hockey player.

FACT: Smarties in Canada are different! Instead of bizarre rolled up multicoloured chalky candy which we refer to as "rockets", Smarties are a delicious multicoloured chocolate. You are supposed to eat the red ones last.

FACT: It is always cold.

FACT: Fortunately, because we have winter all the time, we've gotten used to it and have acclimated to it.
FACT: We eat delicious Canadian chocolates called "Bueno Bars"

FACT: We go on maple syrup hunting expeditions riding moose into the wilderness.

FACT: In Canadia, Beavers are a man's best friend.

Note: Some of these facts may or may not be entirely ... true.

Happy Canada Day Everyone!



Andre Barnwell said...

Nice. I really dug these. If i had a kid though I'd still tell him/her not to listen to what uncle randeep has to say...because he wears glasses may or may not make him that smart. ;). Happy canada day homey.

My favourite is June. I hate to admit it but the next time a foreigner asks if we live in igloos I'll tell him/her...*SIGH* YES!

Whitney said...

Very nice Deep! Although I'm wondering why you left "Alberta" and "Manitoba" out of your map of Canada? And what the hell is a Bueno Bar?

Anonymous said...

What the fuck did you do to my country? I leave for one year and you're riding fucking moose around.

jam said...

Fact: Canada Day is also my birthday! (though I don't think that's such an important one ;])

Like your recent stuff man, hope to see more! Have a happy canada day.

Amanda said...

Hehehe, that was fun!
Do more! :D

Leo Matsuda said...

Awesome drawings Randeep! Thanks for sharing "Canada" with us.

Scoopy said...

Canada. Delightful eh?
Someday I'd like to borrow a moose.

agent ouchie said...

you didn't draw the blue sweater vest?!

Farrukh Khan said...

these are nice man.!

Tapan Gandhi said...

i love rockets!! now i want some..

this was hilarious, randeep.

Keelamari said...

This is a thing of beauty. But I think that moose is staring into my dreams.

Matthew Kalinauskas said...

nice! man, I miss those maple syrup moose hunts... some things you just can't appretiate until you're older. oh well...

Eve said...

HAHAHAHAHA DEEP! these are awesome!! i know now where to direct my fellow AMerican (From the US)friends.. ur blog! way to sum us up!! (although all not true) still close enough! EH!

Desiree Cassidy said...

Yey! Go Canada! :)
by the way... i love your review down below of transformers... i felt the same way ><

Jeremy Spears said...

Hey dude, just thought I'd say whatsup! Really funny transformers post...haha, I had the same experience! Great posts too, fun drawings!

later man

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Tim Horton's our national food ???????????
What ???
Surely not for me :-)

Andrea said...

Huhuhuh.....this makes me infinitely happy.

Canadian smarties are the bomb-diggity. (Much better than our American chalk-snorting smarties.)

Robin Hall said...

lol, Bueno bars are actually Italian, but I can confirm that everything else is entirely true. Which reminds me, need to go feed my moose. Thanks for this, Deep! It's high time more people knew who Canadians are and what they actually do up here!!

Floyd Norman said...

This has been an education. Thanks, Randeep.

Actually, June in Southern California felt like Canada this year. Did you have anything to do with that?

My friend, Donna is a total Canada freak. She simply adores the place. Wonder why she's never moved?

Halya said...

Holy blog explosion 'Deep. Good for you!

trevor dalmer said...

awesome !

irene said...

Awesome blog man!
I've learned so much about canada.
- love your sense of humor hahaha.

Allegro said...

In Canada, policing is primarily a provincial responsibility, but only three provinces have provincial police forces: Ontario (Ontario Provincial Police), Quebec (Sûreté du Québec), and Newfoundland and Labrador (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary). The other provinces all contract their provincial policing responsibilities to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), which also perform limited federal policing responsibilities throughout Canada. The Alberta Sheriff is a province-wide force, but assists the courts and does not fulfil all police duties. All provinces, whether they have their own provincial police service or use the RCMP, also assign policing responsibilities to some municipalities. Major urban areas and many other municipalities in Canada maintain their own police force.

Adriana said...

What, no lumberjacks and touques? What about poutine?? ;)

Great post, Randeep!! My fave was the maple syrup hunting. I'll have to try that someday ;)

Mike said...

Deep is teh sex