Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Shining.

I hate horror films (mostly because I scare easy), but I decided to watch Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" the other night for the first time because, well, it's Kubrick and certain people had been raving about it for a while, so I figured it's high time I suck it up and check it out.
Of course, during the following sequence, which in my opinion is one of the creepiest of the film, it started to rain like crazy outside, followed by thunder and lightning. How's THAT for pathetic fallacy?

(click to enlarge)

I also drew out a couple other random shots:


I just really liked Shelly Duvall's expression in this one.

This was another great one. Danny is playing with his cars (which are arranged to lead your eye to the point) sitting at a spot which points directly off screen, rolling his car back and forth over the point, as the mysterious ball comes in from off screen.

I think this my most favourite shot in the film - it's amazing to actually see the staging in this. The room opening intersecting with Jack's head and leading your eye to the mirror, which reflects his bizarre expression and his eyes staring directly at Danny, leading you to Danny and Jack's hand, and so on. Even the pants laying on the stool lead you straight to Danny. Genius.

It's absolutely incredible to see the way this movie is set up - the entire first 3/4 of the film is foreshadowing and set up, like an elastic band being stretched to it's limit, to a point where it all just...snaps. Brilliant.

Also, I was dragged into seeing coming soon.


brockorama said...

It was Shelly Duvall; but Shirley Mclain would have made a cool Wendy, what with the psychic powers and all! Great post man, lovely sketches

Sam! said...

Hey hey. I actually just watched this myself, last week. It's my favourite horror/thriller film. I honestly find it hard to spend too much time obersving with a critical eye because I can't help gettin creeped out while I'm watching it. haha.

Great exercise you've done here though - can't go wrong with studying Kubrick.

Jarrett said...

These are absolutely terrific studies, Randeep.

I was about 11 years old when I first saw The Shining. Those two little girls left me seriously disturbed!

Leo Matsuda said...

awesome stuff man! it's great you keep studying and drawing non-stop. I also loved the jack nicholson drawing. Kubrick is one of my favorite directors of all time.

Alexis said...

ha! thats one of the best interpretations of jack nicholson i've ever seen!

Andre Barnwell said...

Nice! Keep doing what you're doing. I like. Its very inspiring. The last image is dope stagging. It would be a dope 3 character scene to animate.

Bec said...

These are great! Love that last panel. I always set myself up to do this kind of exercise but I end up getting too engrossed in the film -_-

jacks said...

GREAT drawings!

Matt J said...

Excellent studies- my favourite shot in the ilm is the 'maze' model moving into the real life overhead shot of Wendy & Danny in the real maze

ryan said...

These are great! You really captured the likeness of the actors!

Robin Hall said...

Hey Deep! This is a bit reminiscent of first year with Barry Parker, eh? Excellent studies. I really should do more of the same. I was watching Mary Poppins, but I became too engrossed with the musical numbers to do much drawing after a while :)

Good stuff, post more!

Vladimir said...
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Vladimir said...

nice work deep..
a sequence in this film that is really interesting to study is the bathroom scene with the butler (not with the creepy naked lady). Its cool that Kubric doesnt show us his face till later in the scene..

Oh, i was watching Toy Story 1 the other day and noticed that Syd's house has the same carpet as the hotel in the Shinning!