Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's been a while...

It's been a while, I know. Crunch time down at the school. Everything comes to a screeching overlap - so I haven't actually had time to post. Getting a lot of animating done - but my lipsync prject isn't going to be fully completed as I'd hoped. My scanner blows. Anyways, enough excuses. Here's a few life drawings from the past couple weeks. I just realized I hadn't posted any yet - so here we go. These are all gestures - I'll post the longer/sustained ones soon. I realize there are problems with them all, but there's something about all of them that I kinda like.

Also, a quote from Jim Hull's Seward Street Blog when he went to visit Ollie Johnston's place:

"But the one thing he did say, that still stands out for me was, after taking a look at each one of us, he said with a tinge of creative envy, "Look at you've got the whole world ahead of you..."

"And ever since, I haven't wanted to waste a single moment."

Really great quote - its true - if you can do something, why not do it? There are probably a bunch of people who wish they could, so live it out.


1 min.

30 sec.

1 min.

2 min.

30 sec x 2


Mark said...

nice gestures Hardeep.. I mean RANDEEP.. . good stuff

Anonymous said...

Wonderful life drawings! The 1 min. one is my fave. :D

Randy said...

Good stuf, man. I love doing gestures. Ever tried people watching at a gas station? Try sketching those folks. It really makes you draw fast. 30-60 seconds of stillness, tops, but all different body types.

Hey, we should trade links or something.


Andrew Shek said...

very nice gestures Randeep!

The Man Named LaMancha said...

Nice gestures man, you are getting better! Keep it up.


Kyle Harkes said...

All of these gestures are really well done. I've had to do this sort of thing in my highschool art class, and all of yours are far better than anything anyone in those classes made. I guess you were right when you said one can be at the top of the class coming out of highschool and be at the bottom once you get to Sheridan.