Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Thief and Inspector

Here's a character I made for myself, and a potential story idea. Again, using the poly lasso and paint bucket, I'm planning on using him to learn flash in the summer - he seems very suited for it. Here's the thief's nemesis - the short, wily Inspector Briggs. I'm developing a little short story to animate soon. A model sheet will come soon of this character. Any comments and crits are greatly appreciated.



andrea spada said...

Hi there Randeep!
The Thief is wonderful, again a playful layout. Curious to know what happens in your short!
Bring it on!

Adriana said...

Oh my gosh I love these!! That thief begs to be animated...very nice designs! :D

Nick Thornborrow said...

get animating these you slacker.

Michael Dedrick said...

Oh the sneaky character iz nutz, the design is fantastic, very original and animatable!!!

Kristen McCabe said...

Cool Characters Randeep! It was fun chatting with you, sorry my IM kept logging off. It didn't let me log in after a while. sorry about that.

eel bog said...

hey man. nice theif!
is he gunna be in your film??