Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! All the best in the new year.



Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, Randeep! I hope you're having a nice break. Your work is looking very nice, man. I think you've achieved that novelty you were seeking. Your style is very unique and tight. It occurred to me the other day while going through a pile of papers that I never sent over those drawings. I'm SORRY man. That's negligence on my part and I apologise. Either way, I hope you have an awesome final year and give me a shout sometime. 604 568 0833 (home).


Mel Maduro said...

GASP! I was under the impression that this Christmas card was for me and now you're whoring it out to any visitor to your blog?? I won't stand for it!

(btw, looks great, Merry Christmas :P)

Sorrentino said...

nice work!
your character designs are a lot of
fun!! CHEERS!

Tim Bye said...

Super piece!