Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random sketches

Just wanted to post something up as I hadn't for a while. The first is from the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, which happened in November. I'm a bit behind on the scanning front. The second and third drawings are done on the Via train just 2 weeks ago, I took a little trip to Montreal to visit some family and friends. On the way, on the subway, I saw a woman dressed in a ridiculous faux fur leopard print coat, and didn't have time to draw her while I was there, so I drew her once I got on the Via...I guess you could say it was a memory sketch. The third drawing is a random character I drew and the girl beside me, who's name was Kim, remarked that he looked like an evil toy shop owner. Hence the little caption.
Also, I just found out that today, my blog has been up and online and consistently updated for a whole two years. So thanks to everyone who's visited and commented on here in the past two years, you're all helping in my goal to become a better artist. Thank you.


Mel Maduro said...

Cool sketches deeper, you never have any problems drawing strangers.

Alikins said...

heehee funny & cute! :)

Jarrett said...

Man, your work is looking fantastic.. gotta tell ya.

Mike Vatcher said...

keep up the good work man! sorry, I'm terrible at leaving comments so this one applies to all work posted up until the last time I left one.