Saturday, March 22, 2008

Class of '08

Taking the idea from the graduating class of 2005, I thought it would be neat to have a poster, sort of a "class picture" of our entire year's characters. This is a poster that Alan Cook and I put together the other day. Alan's been good enough to update it as more characters come in. He's also posted it up in convenient wallpaper sizes, for both regular anamorphic and widescreen. I can honestly say I'm extremely proud to be in a year with a ridiculous amount of amazing talent. Can't wait to see how great the talent is in the years proceeding us!

Progress on the film is going ahead. I can't say for sure at this point whether it's on schedule, as one day it's going great, the next day I'm slightly ahead of schedule and the day after that, I'm two days behind. Gotta love the film making process. I'll post up some stuff soon.



Otto Meza said...

you have a great works in your blog
Keep the good works

crylic said...

Cool stuff man, good luck with your film.

Marjolaine said...

Oh I didn't know you've done it together but it was a very good idea! A where is Wally animation poster :P
I hope your film goes on as you want. I hope to see it soon ;)
Ciao Randeep !

Rico Studio said...

Hi, Randeep.

I am a illustrator brazilian. I like you see my works in my blog

All the Best.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Hey Deeps, I love this idear of the poster! Looks awesome, we should definitely do this next year for our films!

Anonymous said...

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Tapan Gandhi said...

congrats to all of u! can't wait to see ur film, randeep! :)

Anonymous said...

I work with your dad and had the pleasurer of viewing your work. Your dad should be really proud of you your work is great. Keep up the good work and I hope you land a job.

Anonymous said...

You copycats!! ;)

Just kidding; looks great!!