Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back from the abyss I've been busy. I feel bad for not posting anything especially since there's a bloody strike going on. Yet I've been busy animating, doodling, working on another leica reel and trying to get an exploded motherboard fixed. Yep. Those are my excuses. I'm going to put up two leica reels, as well as a bunch of animation as soon as I figure out a small file size outputting codec - enough to be able to upload stuff to video hosts. In the meantime, here are some doodles, many more to come.



Andre Barnwell said...

Nice use of shapes keep it up and character will all make sense...LOL...see what a absence of teachers and school does for serious artist.

Alina Chau said...

very nice drawings!

Randy said...

Now this is cool. I like the variation in schemes of the different characters. Reminds me of drawings my friend and I used to do, where we'd start from opposite sides of a page, and work our way around each other's drawings and just crowd out the page with every cartoon charater we could think of to draw.

I love seein people's process, man. (FYI, I also liked the scare tactics animatic - the kid has a really nice feel)