Sunday, March 05, 2006


So I tried doing the same process for girls as I did for the birds, and it didn't work out as well I think, but decent. I need to play around with the shapes a lot more. Pushing the expressions, I didn't vary the expressions too much (if at all) here because it was more about seeing what kind of faces/face types I could come up with. Needless to say, there will be much, much more of this coming. Comments and Crits encouraged, valued, and appreciated!



Adriana said...

Very nice sketches. It's a good study on shapes, personalities, etc.

Good work :)

orange said...


these are beautiful man...great shapes...a great way to approach it. very cool. love the birds one as well

'Exceptionally brown' ...cue


andrea spada said...

wonderful ones, randeep. keep up the good work!

Alina Chau said...

Love these character drawings!! AWESOME!! SOo much variety!

martin wittig said...

Nice girls! I love the variety here.

nick said...

nice shapes and styles,

2danimator said...

i like the perspective you put into each one. even without expressions, each one has character. it would be nice to see you draw another drawing with the people in the same place, with different expressions. then another drawing the same, and so on...that would be a nice experiment. nice job.