Saturday, March 18, 2006

Scare Tactics Leica Reel

This is my Scare Tactics Leica Reel - I am not at all happy with the way it turned out, but it was something I think I needed to go through in order to learn as much as I did. I also figured out that the product of a project doesn't need to be good in order for one to learn from it, in fact, sometimes when you it turns out bad, you learn more - what not to do. Of course, that's a lot easier to say if the project isn't supposed to make any money and is there for an assignment's sake. So here it is, if for some reason it doesn't work out, refresh the page it should work.

Comments and crits are greatly appreciated, be they good or bad. I will be updating with my lipsync leica reel from this semester very soon. That one I am pretty happy with.




2danimator said...

thanks for sharing your process. it is very educational.

Bobby Chiu said...

Great stuff Randeep! If you or anyone you know is interested I have a digital painting class at Sheridan starting April 27. Check out my blog for more info

Adriana said...

Aww, that was really cute! :D I really liked it!