Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! All the best in the new year.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Old Guy

My friends and I went out in downtown Toronto last night. We were at a club and I saw this guy there that I drew today, he stood out like a sore thumb but was really enjoying himself. I busted out the ol' watercolors and tried to paint him...
More soon, the break is coming up so, updates! Huzzah!

Monday, December 03, 2007


I went for a haircut on Friday and while waiting, I found a piece of paper beside me and decided to scribble something down because I was bored. I ended up drawing someone else who was waiting. Sorry I haven't posted much, but soon, the reel is almost done.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Based on a girl I met this weekend, late night doodles after working on boards for hours on end. Just had to let loose and have a little bit of fun.


Monday, November 19, 2007


It's been about two months since I posted anything on here. I've been extremely busy working on the film and haven't had any time to scan things. It's pretty much been 3 months of boarding and constant reboarding, on a weekly basis - but I'm getting to a point at which I think I may be, perhaps, could almost be happy with what I have (barring a few necessary changes). I did happen to find someone to compose and record with the accordion for the soundtrack to my film (I love downtown Toronto) and he's been doing an awesome job. I thought I would just post a really quick character study of the driver now known as Jean.
Also, I recommend everyone go over to Spline Doctors and listen to a podcast of the man who may be one of my new heroes - Dr. Ed Catmull. If anyone is ever thinking of starting up their own company, is curious of the way Pixar works, or the philosophies, both for filmmaking and for business principles, it is a must hear. There is also a video of Dr. Catmull as the keynote speaker to the graduating class of the Stanford School of Business. It is one of the most interesting talks that I have heard, and he speaks extremely candidly about some of the issues that the company has faced. Thanks to Robin for pointing that one out to me.
I also bought the Ratatouille dvd, and was really surprised at the lack of bonus features in the single disc. Myself and two friends bought one of our other friends the Blu-ray disc, which has 2-3 hours of extra bonus material, including Brad Bird's animation critiques, a whole making-of featurette, a tribute to Dan Lee, and some hilarious extras which I won't elaborate on. Target in the States is also giving a special second disc with specially marked packages. Kind of infuriating.
Anyway, I will try to post more often and post more development work. Hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner...and our final storyreel screening.....oh boy.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Back at it.

So it's been about a month since I posted. School happened. It's been a good but busy first month back. I've decided on the film idea, and I've chosen the Driver. Its going to be a busy bunch of months, so I'm buckling up for the ride. Getting back to life drawing has been refreshing also, seeing all the familiar faces and meeting a bunch of new ones has been fun.
I'm posting a cafe sketch, just to post something, and a guy that I designed while sitting in my Philosophies of World Religions class (also pretty interesting stuff). Hope you like them, and as always comments and crits are greatly appreciated. I'll be posting more stuff from the film (working on props and layout/background styling right now, as well as the story) very soon. Also, I'm just tossing this out to the blogosphere and seeing if anyone can help...does ANYONE out there know how to play the accordion and is willing to mimic/score a track for the driver film? Anyone...? Bueller...?
Thanks in advance!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

More film stuff

Here are some more development drawings for the films - some more spaceman designs, followed by some select toned boards from the rough story reel of the as-yet-untitled spaceman film (trying not to give away the story just yet) and some not yet toned boards from the driver story reel, which is still in the process of completing the first draft, tentatively titled "C'est La Vie". All the boards were done entirely in Alias' Sketchbook Pro.

EDIT: Mark Kennedy over at the Temple of the Seven Golden Camels blog has posted some advice for students who are making their own films this year. It's a MUST read for everyone who is doing so - go check it out.

Also - Spline Doctors has an awesome podcast with director Pete Docter (directed Monsters Inc.), it's pretty awesome, go check it out. Also CartoonBrew posted this awesome youtube video with legendary voice actor Mel Blanc on Letterman - it's interesting to watch as he's still funny long after he's gone, as well as it being really odd when he does the voices - it almost seems as though they're dubbed over because he's such a natural at them as well as the fact that the characters are so ingrained into our minds as the cartoons. Really cool.
Thank you everyone for the comments and critiques, I really appreciate them. School starts on Tuesday in full force, so we'll see what happens - I'm sure there'll be some snags along the way. I'm sad to see summer go, hanging out with great friends, befriending the Starbucks Staff and of course, the great internship at Red Rover Studios where I not only got to meet some awesome people, but helped my skills and changed my focus altogether. Hopefully this will be an awesome year and I'll try to post as much as possible especially with the progress of the film(s).
As always, comments and crits are greatly appreciated!.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Heartbreaker and A Blast from the Past

First off, thanks to everyone who's been commenting. It's very much appreciated.
Here's a random character page I did based on this girl I saw on the subway, who definitely looked like a heart breaker. She obviously wasn't smoking on the subway (it's illegal) but she did have a cigarette in her mouth, ready to be lit as soon as she stepped out.
The the risk of endless humiliation - on the left is a drawing I did in 2003, just as I was starting at Sheridan, straight out of high school into the Art Fundamentals program, as I was cleaning up my computer and its hard drives, I managed to stumble upon this drawing (among many other absolutely atrocious pieces) and decided to see what I could do with a similar, more correct pose now. The sketch took a total of about 10 minutes now with another 10 to color, and the one from 2003 definitely took WAY longer than that. It's funny to look back at where you were, makes you feel good until you look at where you have to go...then it's right back to the drawing board.
Also, apparently Gobelins isn't the only French animation school, this one called "La Poudiere" seems pretty cool too, although perhaps a little more "experimental" in it's film making. You need to be at least 23 years old to get in, unless there are "special circumstances". Clay over at the Animation Podcast has posted a new podcast of stop-motion pioneer Ray Harryhausen. I haven't heard it yet, but it should be good.
Anyway, let me know what you think of this stuff, I really appreciate the comments!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Film Designs

These are some designs I've been working on for my two film ideas, the one about the Driver and the one about a Spaceman. The first three here are for the spaceman film, reflecting spaceman designs and the damsel in distress. The last two are research drawings for the driver idea - some cab designs and learning little details about Parisian streets and the interiors of cabs and such.
I've also posted a new link under "web sites" for Inspiring Reels a site which someone has created with links to animators of all kinds and their respective blog/websites. Pretty cool resource for all animators.
Edit: a GREAT interview with the great Andrew Stanton at AICN.
I'll be posting more soon. Comments are much appreciated!

Monday, August 06, 2007

More Subway sketching.

At the food court of St. Bruno mall in Montreal, QC.

Outside on the patio of a Second Cup.

Some more drawings, mostly from the subway unless otherwise labelled. I may be changing up my story idea to a little gag idea about a spaceman, as I've been talking to a few people who've said that the driver idea is much too elaborate to pursue as a finished animated film by one person. I've also decided that my focus is going to be storyboarding, so don't worry, the driver film will be finished, in the form of a completed animatic, so expect to see some boards here shortly for both. The first pass of a very, very rough thumbnail animatic is actually done for the driver film, but I haven't decided if I'll be posting it up here yet.
Also, on that note, to all those making a film (students especially) in the (near) future, please do yourselves a favor and check out Spline Doctors for a podcast (also downloadable via iTunes) featuring the incomparable Ted Mathot and Mark Andrews, story artists at Pixar who delve deep into the story process at Pixar and discuss the common mistakes made by students making films among other things, and it's also hilarious to hear the soft-spoken Mr. Mathot with the outspoken Mr. Andrews.
Another huge inspiration of late has been the amazingly talented Deanna Marsigliese whose new book "The Art of Deanna Marsigliese" shows off an amazing new talent. If you haven't seen any of her stuff, I suggest you check out her blog and book. Definitely worth seeing.
After SDCC, Andrew Stanton has been doing interviews all over the place - check out his audio interview at
Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who has been commenting on the last few posts, your encouragement means a lot.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


edit: Aug.2.07 - quickie post-it sketch doodle.

Here are some sketches from the week, the last one was done during subway commuting time, and the other two were done while fiddling around on my tablet pc. The first sketch is some character designs for another potential film idea I have...the second is trying a paint-only sketch in Sketchbook pro and the last is a colored drawing of a girl on the subway as I was going to see the Simpsons movie (which was really good by the way, I suggest you go check it out).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Just so you know....

moleskine sketchbook...

one of those little sketches no one is supposed to see...

Just so you know I'm still alive. I've been busy working hard on the film, I've posted some doodles I did at work while taking a break from using the computer - inspired by a stack of post-it notes sitting by my desk, and looking at James' blog what with his infinite inspiration and my knowledge of people doing things on the subway after seeing them day after day. These were the doodles I liked, a stack more went into their new home, the trash can.
The sketchbook page is from my iDea book, which I've been writing tons (and yes, that is my writing, and yes, I've been told repeatedly that I write like a girl) I've blurred some of the stuff, just because the story is constantly still evolving and I didn't want give it all away yet.
The last drawing is a VERY QUICK inspirational doodle/idea sketch that I did the other day (one of many) to allow me to figure out possible directions that the story could take. It doesn't really mean much, but eludes to a possible backstory.
That's all for now, post more as I get the time - I have a whole sketchbook of subway drawings and characters that I have waiting to be scanned...hopefully this weekend. Also, thanks VERY much to everyone who has been commenting, it is greatly appreciated, and great to know that people actually look at this thing. Thank you.
Till then.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Sorry again for not posting for a while, I was out of town in Montreal and then ran into some arm/hand issues...prevented me from drawing for a bit, still taking it a little easier, but getting back into the swing of things. I've been playing around with zBrush a bit, in fact, this was pretty much my first foray into said program - I used it as digital clay and sculpted a bust of the cab driver character. I'm not really happy with the way the ears are from pretty much any angle, nor the eyes (especially from the side view) but it's as much an experiment into sculpting as it is an experiment in the program. It's not much, but it'll hold up til I get some drawings on here. Hope you like it. C&C welcome.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Story sketches & research.

I have a ton of stuff I keep meaning to post, but everytime I look at it, I want to color it and make it look all spiffy for the interweb...and there's never enough time to do so! So, in the meantime, I did get around to quickly coloring up some story sketches I've been doing for the driver idea, as well as him in his original uniform, some location sketching, thumbnail boards and character body type exploration. There's a bunch more, subway sketches and the like to come, I've been sketching like mad; one of the upsides to a long commute down to work in the mornings. If it starts getting too long before the next post, I'll just post whatever I have, colored or not. In the meantime let me know what you think of this stuff, thanks for all the previous comments, much appreciated.