Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick Sketches.

Just decided to post something to keep this blog alive. I was having lunch with a friend last week and was doing some thumbnails for a scene as well, and decided to do a quick cafe sketch or two while I was thumbnailing. So, here it is.
Will be back to normalcy eventually.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Character Designs.

Holy crap it's an update!
I never knew what my friends last year meant when they said they were so busy working on the film that they didn't have time to update their blogs...until now. I've been pulling ridiculous hours, hopefully they'll pay off.
These are some character design model sheets (boring...) of the characters in my film. They were done for the first and second years who are helping me out (so, so thankful). The second years who are helping me out are (in no particular order) Boris Maras, Amanda Zima and Amir Avni; all super-talented individuals. I'll post up the first years as well, once I get their blog addresses. Anyway, here they are, hopefully it won't be a month til I update next. The clean-up drawings were a test of the style of cleanup I wanted, however, I've gone with a different and somewhat 'rougher' approach to attempt to retain the life of the rough drawings in clean-up as well.
Also, special thanks to Monsieur Ugo, for being a huge inspiration for the woman and giving me some concepts to work with.
Back soon.