Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Based on a girl I met this weekend, late night doodles after working on boards for hours on end. Just had to let loose and have a little bit of fun.


Monday, November 19, 2007


It's been about two months since I posted anything on here. I've been extremely busy working on the film and haven't had any time to scan things. It's pretty much been 3 months of boarding and constant reboarding, on a weekly basis - but I'm getting to a point at which I think I may be, perhaps, could almost be happy with what I have (barring a few necessary changes). I did happen to find someone to compose and record with the accordion for the soundtrack to my film (I love downtown Toronto) and he's been doing an awesome job. I thought I would just post a really quick character study of the driver now known as Jean.
Also, I recommend everyone go over to Spline Doctors and listen to a podcast of the man who may be one of my new heroes - Dr. Ed Catmull. If anyone is ever thinking of starting up their own company, is curious of the way Pixar works, or the philosophies, both for filmmaking and for business principles, it is a must hear. There is also a video of Dr. Catmull as the keynote speaker to the graduating class of the Stanford School of Business. It is one of the most interesting talks that I have heard, and he speaks extremely candidly about some of the issues that the company has faced. Thanks to Robin for pointing that one out to me.
I also bought the Ratatouille dvd, and was really surprised at the lack of bonus features in the single disc. Myself and two friends bought one of our other friends the Blu-ray disc, which has 2-3 hours of extra bonus material, including Brad Bird's animation critiques, a whole making-of featurette, a tribute to Dan Lee, and some hilarious extras which I won't elaborate on. Target in the States is also giving a special second disc with specially marked packages. Kind of infuriating.
Anyway, I will try to post more often and post more development work. Hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner...and our final storyreel screening.....oh boy.