Wednesday, November 11, 2009


City sketch study.


Compositional Studies @ Grange Park (it was cold)

This woman was so bundled up, it was awesome.

Starting a new sketchbook.


Some little random sketches I liked.

Some very recent sketches from traveling around downtown Toronto, I switched to pencil for the time being to try something different. See how long this lasts til I begin pining for a pen again. If you're in Toronto, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is this week! Definitely heading down there for some sketching sometime, it's always a blast! Thanks to everyone who's been commenting - it's really much appreciated! While I've been looking for a job and amongst doing a few other side projects on my own, Matt and I have started on a short film, and set up a production blog! Check it out!

Also, if you haven't had a chance yet, I'd definitely recommend going and checking out Where the Wild Things Are. Spike Jonze has made, in my opinion, an absolutely amazing, stunning and poignant film - some tend to disagree, and I've really only found two opposing opinions of the film (love or hate) with very few fence-sitters. Definitely one to catch.

Some fantastic stuff is being posted to James', Nick's and Jenny's blogs. I can't say enough nice things about these guys but definitely give them a look if you get a chance.

Princess and the Frog is being released VERY soon in NY and LA, and on December 11th everywhere! Check it out! And, a really cool Disney TV special from 1981 has been posted on youtube in conjunction with the Illusion of Life. Thanks to Cat Hicks for that one.

Winter's a-comin'.