Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sorry once again, it's been so long - been a busy couple months. Here are some sketches I did around town (subway/cafe/whatever) in a brand new awesome sketchbook. I also recently visited Montreal, and had the chance to go to a great french comic book store and check it out. I ended up buying two simply fantastic, amazing and beautifully stunning books - the first being Joann Sfar's "Gainsbourg" which is a 400 page collection of his notes/sketches and the like from making his comic, as well as his live-action biopic of the great french singer, Serge Gainsbourg.If you're a fan of Sfar's work (which you should be, because he's AMAZING) this book is pure, pure gold.
The other, is Bastien Vives "Dans Mes Yeux" which is a brilliantly drawn comic (pen and pencil crayon) which is basically a love story, told literally through the male character's eyes. Lovely.
Also, check out this ad for the 2010 Olympics that the BBC commissioned, and was co-designed by the super talented Jon Klassen, and co-designed by Studio AKA's Marc Craste.

Til next time!

Taken @ La Brulerie St. Denis in Montreal, Quebec.