Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coming up for air...

Here's some cafeteria sketching from this past week. Don't ask how I found the time to go and do it, it still baffles me. The following week or two are going to be insanely crazy, but I really appreciate the comments from everyone. I hope you like this new batch of characters, the first 3 pages are somewhat random characters from observation in the cafeteria, and the last drawing was one I found which looked like a friend. Cliff and I have been noticing that where ever we go now, we begin to notice people as characters more and more, almost...zoo-like. The world is pretty interesting, we don't realize that when we're going a 100 miles a minute, but when you stop to look at it (who has time to stop?) it really is impeccable.

Comments, crits and general ramblings are much appreciated!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

So busy....

Terribly busy with the film and schoolwork, that's right, AND schoolwork. Will update more soon, later this week or next weekend. Hope everyone is doing well!


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sketch Dump

Here are a bunch of sketches done while on the subway and in the cafeteria and a few just playing around. I realized after putting so many sketches before, it was a pain to note any of them - so I've numbered them for easy reference! (Most of them, at least.) I really appreciate all the comments and criticisms, keep 'em coming! They're all very, very much appreciated. I've been trying some new things with designs and a couple of compositions, I'm planning on doing a lot more of those - been reading "Gesture Drawing for Animators" by Walt Stanchfield....just pure GENIUS.
That's all for now, comments and crits appreciated as always and until next time!


Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Subway Sketching

Here are some sketches I did on the subways in Toronto, love the people you find on the subway...Such characters. Thanks a lot to all who commented on the last post, they're MUCH appreciated. Comments and crits are as always, greatly appreciated.