Thursday, October 29, 2009

Circuit Paris

(Slightly cut off - click through to play proper ratio)

In keeping with the trend, I realized I hadn't uploaded my film that I completed in my final year at Sheridan College, so here it is. Roughly about 4 months doing storyboards, a month doing layout, design and art direction/color styling and 3 months animating. The voices were done by Vadim as the cab driver, and Matt as the Old Woman. I've posted some process work in the past from it, which you can check out here about halfway down the page to the bottom. It was an enormous education (there are a ton of things I'd do differently) and an amazing experience - one I ended up wishing we'd had more of a chance to do during our time at school and I can't wait to make another.
100% Hand drawn - colored in Photoshop and composited in After Effects and Premiere.
Also, My buddies Vlad and Matt just uploaded their kickass films, so I'd definitely recommend watching theirs as well and checking out their awesome blogs. Also, Matt's been posting some pretty hilarious comics of him and myself - we're working on a little project together that's brought out some...material.

And here's a couple of quick little sketches:

Comments and crits appreciated! Til next time.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

This weekend in Canadaland, it's thanksgiving! We celebrate it much like the Americans, what with the delicious, delicious turkey and other such fine foods.
Why do we celebrate it in October?
Because we're awesome.

Or, it could have began by the explorer, Martin Frobisher marking his homecoming from safely finding a northern passage to the Pacific Ocean, avoiding death which had befallen his predecessors. After which, the french settlers, having crossed the ocean and made it safely to Canada, held huge feasts of thanks from 1604 onwards.

(depictions of the french may be grossly exaggerated)

So that's how Thanksgiving in Canada began!
A Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Here are also some sketches I've been doing in the last little while:

Til next time!