Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Shining.

I hate horror films (mostly because I scare easy), but I decided to watch Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" the other night for the first time because, well, it's Kubrick and certain people had been raving about it for a while, so I figured it's high time I suck it up and check it out.
Of course, during the following sequence, which in my opinion is one of the creepiest of the film, it started to rain like crazy outside, followed by thunder and lightning. How's THAT for pathetic fallacy?

(click to enlarge)

I also drew out a couple other random shots:


I just really liked Shelly Duvall's expression in this one.

This was another great one. Danny is playing with his cars (which are arranged to lead your eye to the point) sitting at a spot which points directly off screen, rolling his car back and forth over the point, as the mysterious ball comes in from off screen.

I think this my most favourite shot in the film - it's amazing to actually see the staging in this. The room opening intersecting with Jack's head and leading your eye to the mirror, which reflects his bizarre expression and his eyes staring directly at Danny, leading you to Danny and Jack's hand, and so on. Even the pants laying on the stool lead you straight to Danny. Genius.

It's absolutely incredible to see the way this movie is set up - the entire first 3/4 of the film is foreshadowing and set up, like an elastic band being stretched to it's limit, to a point where it all just...snaps. Brilliant.

Also, I was dragged into seeing coming soon.

Friday, August 07, 2009

California 09

San Diego Comic Con 09

Pacific Beach - San Diego


Secret Journal


Great trip to San Diego/LA for Comic Con and visiting friends, applying for work (still looking!) and just hanging out. Who knew I'd start loving LA so much? Weird.
Bigger, more entertaining post coming very soon. Promise. If you're in Toronto, Jeff Smith of Bone will be signing at the Indigo Bookstore at Yorkdale mall on Saturday August 8th. His new documentary DVD is awesome, pick it up if you can - it's called "The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, Bone and the changing face of comics" Also, one of my favourite books that I picked up at the Comic Con besides Torch Tiger, was Kevin Dart's "Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7" Simply stunning concept, execution and artwork. Really great. Check them out if you get a chance. Also, Kerascoet's Jolies Tenebres (published by Dupuis) is amazing as well, still trying to read it (french is rusty) but brilliant stuff. I'm absolutely in love with the simplicity and fantastic clarity in their art. Ronnie is much more eloquent than I in explaining it.