Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

This weekend in Canadaland, it's thanksgiving! We celebrate it much like the Americans, what with the delicious, delicious turkey and other such fine foods.
Why do we celebrate it in October?
Because we're awesome.

Or, it could have began by the explorer, Martin Frobisher marking his homecoming from safely finding a northern passage to the Pacific Ocean, avoiding death which had befallen his predecessors. After which, the french settlers, having crossed the ocean and made it safely to Canada, held huge feasts of thanks from 1604 onwards.

(depictions of the french may be grossly exaggerated)

So that's how Thanksgiving in Canada began!
A Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Here are also some sketches I've been doing in the last little while:

Til next time!


Lissa said...

And that's how we all learned the true meaning of Canadian Thanksgiving.
I feel a little warmer inside :)

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff buddy. I'll see you soon. Space is fun :)

Keelamari said...

I feel enlightened.

irene said...

I had no idea Canadians had thanksgivin?!
Lucky !!
I wish I could have thanksgiving right now-
actually, at boston market I can. I think they serve turkey and stuffing all year long!!!

Halya said...

And you know what comes after Thanksgiving... Novemburary. Yay.

lostinarc said...

Lot of Nice stuff....good job..

Anonymous said...

comment comment comment

marc said...

hey Randeep
I usually don't contact people randomly but you use the Flight of the Concords pic!
I've been wondering about what is the thanksgiving thanking for when I first came to Canada...
Now I think Italy should have one too at one point:)
Very cool work here!
Nice "meeting" you by chance

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