Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sketch Dump

Here are a bunch of sketches done while on the subway and in the cafeteria and a few just playing around. I realized after putting so many sketches before, it was a pain to note any of them - so I've numbered them for easy reference! (Most of them, at least.) I really appreciate all the comments and criticisms, keep 'em coming! They're all very, very much appreciated. I've been trying some new things with designs and a couple of compositions, I'm planning on doing a lot more of those - been reading "Gesture Drawing for Animators" by Walt Stanchfield....just pure GENIUS.
That's all for now, comments and crits appreciated as always and until next time!



Eduardo Avenir II said...

i really like the first page's characters. They remind me of UPA? This makes me want to sketch ppl more

Ellie Ventura said...

I love the first page of kids! Really cute! Keep it up!

Marjolaine said...

I really like your sketches, particularly the first one, he's wonderful !
c u ;)

Unknown said...

Hehey, cool stuff man!
Keep it up, you're doing good!

robabee said...

I really do like tour characters randy and there design when they're very simple, bravo!