Saturday, November 11, 2006

Well then.

So, I've been more busy than ever before - so much work and all for the film so I haven't had any time to scan anything or do any new work really, but rest assured, it is coming. Here are two drawings I did not too long ago on the tablet, of good ol' Spidey and Batman. I was trying a different style, not sure if it worked too well...but I've since obviously changed up, like to keep things fresh and keep trying new things - although it makes me wonder if I should just stick to one and develop that. The film is coming along quite well, the boarding is well under way and the story is down pretty solidly so it'll be nice to see a tied down version soon.

Anyway, here's the art, enjoy.

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Mike...'s mum said...

The right side of spidey's torso isn't quite right, and he could be an Alien under that mask with that shaped head, but I like the feel of it.