Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Head Studies

Compositional Studies

Sketches in Ballpoint Pen/Pencil/Pilot Pen

I'm working on some more stuff to post soon - in the meantime, any requests for any movie reviews?




long live the ballpoint pen!

awesome stuff Randeep! love the compositional thumbnails!

jon crowley said...

I demand a review of a Tony Jaa movie.

Or an episode of Extras.

Unknown said...

Great blog!

Unknown said...

your_art_ what_do_you_call_it_

we are interested in understanding how you create it_

is_it your dreams that makes you imagine_

we_wish to inspire you_more_dreams_more_art


what_is_your rules for social_art_

Bec said...

fantastic studies!! not sure if you're a fan, but I've been watching a lot of Wes Anderson lately, might make for a nice review! what did you think of fantastic mr fox?

Colin Jack said...

Nice drawings!

Hoggan said...

DUde ...loving your stuff!! So much life.

nickwatson said...

update your blog ya bum

Floyd Norman said...

Looking good, Randeep.

naomielise said...

you work is really great! definitely a fan. high 5.